Walkers 2 Runners



As a Leader in Running Fitness, affiliated to UK Athletics, I make no claims to be a certified coach, personal trainer or anything that involves taking exams. I am simply qualified to "lead safe and enjoyable running experiences to people aged 12 and upwards". My aim is to fulfil that and to generate a love of running-related-fitness in all those who come to Walkers2Runners.

I started running as a teenager but, like many, I was distracted by 'life' (I even played Women's Rugby for a while!) and have only dusted off my trainers in recent years in an effort to get fit. In fact, it was a desire to do the London Marathon in my fortieth year that provided the motivation; I duly completed the event (what an experience!) in 2014. Although I am a member of an athletics club and compete for them in the cross country season, I would have loved to have joined a recreational running group (I know how it feels to be at the back!), so I thought I would start my own!

Having been a teacher for fifteen years, I have experience in methods of cajoling, encouragement and support; indeed one of the highlights of my career has been enthusing children to take up running. It really is an activity that anyone can do: all you need is a pair of trainers (and possibly a sports bra!), and you're off!

I am very excited about launching Walkers2Runners and inspiring a whole new group of people to enjoy a wonderful sport.

I look forward to meeting you.