Walkers 2 Runners

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    A running club
    Hawkhurst, Kent

    Whether you are an absolute beginner or a regular runner,
    everyone can improve in a group.

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    Running together makes the
    experience more enjoyable

    Improving your own techniques and influencing another to get fit has to be the best feeling.

Walkers2Runners offers a wide variety of trainings
to suit your fitness requirements


Welcome to Walkers2Runners, the fun, friendly group for men and women of all ages*.

You may already have done a bit of running, or you might be someone for whom the mere thought of jogging to the end of the road brings you out in a sweat. Whatever your motivation, the fact that you are reading this shows that you harbour at least an itsy-bitsy desire to improve your fitness.

Walkers2Runners is a no-pressure recreational group where you can do just that. With three sessions of different grades – Walkfit, Jogfit and Runfit, I hope that there will be something for anyone who wants to enjoy exercising in the great outdoors … and have fun!

Browse the website to find out more about each group and a little about me, your Leader in Running Fitness. If you feel so inclined, you can then sign up for a session!

I look forward to meeting you!


*Minimum age: 12 years.

Walk, jog, run ... and have fun! Be part of the fastest growing sport in the UK and achieve a fitness that you never thought possible!

I am a 53 year old exercise yo-yoer. I have, in the past done some running, but only because I felt I should. Rachel has inspired me to run twice a week, and I actually like it! I am even doing parkruns! I never thought that I could be this person that I have become thanks to the group!

A busy mum of four with little time to spare to get back into shape. I have signed up to see where Rachel can take me and to gain control of my fitness levels once again.